New Homes Are Not Being Built Properly.

On average, new construction homes will have 50-80 code violations and will cost the homeowner $5,000-$50,000 in repairs. Don’t let builders take advantage of you, and take control of your home owning experience.

  • Learn how to find common home deficiencies made by Home Builders and Contractors

  • Reliable and Quick Answers to All of Your Questions

  • Information on Buying, Selling, and Renting All in One Place

Your Questions Answered by NAHO

The National Association of Homeowners is proud to have a knowledgeable team of Inspectors, Engineers, Realtors, and certified industry experts willing to assist you with your questions on home construction, engineering, repair, and maintenance, and the home buying and selling process. Whether you have a question about renters' insurance or how to avoid lowering your credit score, we've got you covered. We offer all of our members a judgment-free zone to freely ask questions, get resources, and grow with other homeowners.

Robert V. Knowles, PE

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Homeowners Helping Homeowners

Members of the National Association of Homeowners are treated like family. Help Homeowners help each other through our Good Neighbor Practices, education programs, disaster relief funds, scholarship programs, etc.

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