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A Message from the NAHO Founder

How many of you have had a really bad experience buying a new home?

How about those of you renovating an old one? Good experience or nightmare?

How about buying an older home?  Regretting not buying new?

How many of you have moved in, only to find issues... serious issues, and wondered why it was not discovered by an inspector and corrected?

How many of you wish the quality of the finish work was a lot better...., but would even settle for something slightly better than down right horrible?


   There are some very good ones out there, but they can be hard to find. Commonly, it is not the company itself that is the problem, but the individuals running the local operation that make it either a good experience for you, or a bad one.

 See the Forum Topic on “How to Spot a Good Builder, and a Bad one.”

   I personally have conducted thousands of home inspections, but the big difference between other inspectors and myself, is that I conduct them with an Engineer's eye, not a Home Inspector's. I see structural components that are missing, and make sure they get added. I look for code compliance, not just functionality, and make sure that violations get corrected.

As an Engineer, I go above and beyond what a basic home inspector has to do. But, I got to ask you.... Homeowners? Isn't that what you really want? To have your home checked to make sure it is actually built in accordance with the applicable codes and standards? Of course you do. Unfortunately, based on the thousands of complaints and crazy stories I have heard from Homeowners from all over the US, the current residential construction industry is not effective at making sure the codes are diligently followed in many places in our great country,

NAHO and I are here to share with our members our unique viewpoint on what we are seeing going on with the residential construction industry. I founded this Association because I noticed a horrible problem with the Residential Construction Industry in our country, and I am determined, with the help of America’s Homeowners, to get the problem corrected.

   These are not just my personal feelings about what I am seeing in the residential construction industry. I am hearing complaints from literally thousands of actual homeowners across the country (Mountains of complaints) about the poor quality of construction in homes built, not only in the last 20 to 30 years, but even those built right now, today. I am constantly hearing Homeowners tell me that the Builders do not listen to their complaints about poor quality. The Homeowners don’t know who to turn to for support to simply get their brand new home repaired so that it is code compliant, safe, and constructed the way they paid for it to be. 

   Even though I could be spending all my time with my Engineering practice, I can't stand idly by, watching so many homeowners spend their life savings on homes that are not built in compliance with the codes, and be bullied by their Builders or Contractors. It is time we collectively take the Power and Control away from the Contractors and Home Builders, and put it back into the hands of the HOMEOWNERS, where it belongs!!

   NAHO will be fighting for you to REFORM THE CODES so that it is virtually impossible to build homes with dozens of code violations, as we are currently seeing all over the country.

  While we care not saying that all Building Departments are failing to meet our expectations, we do see that many are found to be less than helpful.  NAHO will be asking tough questions of the Building Departments and Code Enforcement agencies, such as “Why are we paying taxes to fund departments that are ineffective at controlling construction to achieve 100% code compliance?"  and ”Why are so many of the Building Departments not enforcing the code by writing citations for code violations?"

Many Building Departments have the authority to write citations for up to $500 per day, per violation, per house, but they simply do not.

Of course, we realize that construction quality and code compliance varies from area to area across the Country. We applaud those areas that are strictly enforcing the codes. Thank you for your service!! Keep up the good work! We Homeowners greatly appreciate you!

As for the areas of the country that are allowing permitees to build substandard, non-code compliant  homes, NAHO is here to gather together the Homeowners of America, and do everything in our collective power to fix that problem. We're not going to take it ANYMORE!

TOGETHER, HOMEOWNERS have the power to influence Building departments to do the job we are paying them for.

TOGETHER, HOMEOWNERS have the power to reform the codes, and require Builders and Contractors to comply with them.

TOGETHER, HOMEOWNERS have the power to demand and receive safer, more energy efficient, code compliant homes!!

There are reportedly over 200 million "Homeowners" in America. We need to huddle up! Separately, we have no power at all, but...  TOGETHER,  We have all the POWER we need to effect real change. 


Help us get the Power back where it belongs!!

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